Jun 022012

When Keeley headed to Mercato, a charming Italian restaurant in Calgary last Thursday, she thought she was going to her sister’s engagement party. Keeley’s boyfriend – now fiancé – of four and a half years had something else in mind. To help him propose to Keeley he brought along two violinists, a guitarist, a drummer, plenty of champagne, and a crowd of family and friends.

Keeley, 22, is entering her last year of university and interning at a public relations firm. Jordan, 24, is a graphic designer and a musician. Two days after their engagement, Keeley spoke with Prequels.

How did you meet?

We met through friends, at a movie theater. It was a blind set-up but I didn’t know about it. I had just broken up with somebody, and my friends wanted me to come and hang out. But they’d shown Jordan pictures of me, and he asked them to keep the seat next to him empty so I could sit there. He kept talking to me during the movie, and I just wanted to watch it. It was Will Smith’s “I Am Legend.”

What was your first date?

I went to hear him play guitar at his church, and afterward he asked me to help him buy Christmas gifts for his family. But I said ‘no.’

Why did you say ‘no’?

I wasn’t really having it, I wanted a little chase! But he asked me to hang out one night and I agreed, we got some food together.

When did you know you wanted to marry him?

Well, he asked me to marry him two months after we’d started dating. And I said, “Are you crazy? We’re so young!” But he told me that he knew one day he was going to marry me and spend the rest of his life with me, and that he’d work up to a day when he could provide everything for me.

But last week you did say “Yes!” What was that proposal like?

He planned a huge, extravagant thing. Our favorite restaurant is  Mercato, and that’s where he took me. He designed my ring, it was really sweet. My dad died when I was young, and my mom took some diamonds out of the engagement ring my dad had given her, and gave the diamonds to Jordan. He put the little diamonds around the center stone on my ring.

When he proposed, first he had a violinist come out. Then my sister came out clinging her glass, and I still thought it was her engagement party! Then everyone started clapping and Jordan came out with his guitar singing, “I think I want to marry you,” by Bruno Mars. By now there were drums, two violins, two guitars, and Jordan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. This time I said ‘yes.’ Then a ton of family and friends appeared from the back of the restaurant, and everyone started popping the Champagne!




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