Jan 102014

Want to look great on your wedding day while saving money? Here are a few resources for you!




BridalGarden.org (in New York City)



Tradesy.com (they have a dedicate Wedding section)


And of course, you occasionally find good deals on Ebay & even Craigslist!


Or going for a vintage look? Try these:




ModCloth.com (Vintage Wedding section)


New York Brides & Grooms, Time to Get in Shape!

Here is your chance to win THREE personal training sessions to help you get in shape before your wedding. This giveaway is coming to you from the awesome trainers over at NY Personal Training at 12 West 21st Street. All you have to do is email me at denise [at] prequels [dot] net and tell me [...]

Adorable Wedding Favor

When guests left Caitie & Eric’s wedding, they each got a copy of this custom-made “newspaper” that told the couple’s love story and even included a photo of them at the wedding! We here at Prequels had a blast making this happen. We did all of the work weeks before the wedding. After the wedding [...]

A Central Park Wedding, anyone?

If you’ve ever been to New York City, then you know that getting married in Central Park is a dream come true for tons of people! To bring you the most up-to-date info on how to make this happen, I chatted with a pro: Christa DeHuff Casper is the founder and expert wedding planner at [...]

A Love Story Ceremony Program

Will your ceremony program tell your love story? When Joy & Lovita get married in August, their guests will receive print copies of this adorable booklet that includes some of their favorite pictures and their love story, from their first meeting through the proposal. Go ahead: Scroll through it, zoom in & out, and see [...]

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