They met via a newspaper ad!

Cathy and Pam met the old fashioned way – not online – but via a print newspaper ad! They are pictured here with their son Eric. They’re getting married in Maryland later this month, and I’ll be sharing their story soon!  

Mazel Tov!

This week I got to hang out with the awesome ladies from Mazel Tov Glass, and I watched as they transformed a pile of glass shards into a gorgeous flower vase. You see, they originally made a simple glass for the couple to step on and break during their wedding ceremony. Then, the couple shipped [...]

We’re on the Hornblower Yacht in NYC

Today we’re spending the afternoon aboard the Hornblower NYC for a fabulous bridal show featuring Loverly and tons of awesome wedding professionals! Come visit us on the Third Floor! We’ll be selling tickets to Friday’s exclusive screening of The Big Wedding with Susan Sarandon, and you might be the lucky winner of our iPad giveaway! [...]

Lawsuit against florist

We at Prequels cannot stand any form of discrimination against same-sex couples, and we are proud of Washington State for suing this florist … read more here.

Watch it Live!

Tune in at 7pm EST on Sunday April 7 to watch the Brides Magazine Live Wedding! Click here!  

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