Why should we hire someone to write our story?

If you’ve tried it, then you know that writing about yourself is not easy, even if you consider yourself a good writer! It’s hard to find the right tone, and to figure out what to include and what to leave out. On the other hand, when you’re interviewed by a professional, the story pours out of you more naturally, and you’re reminded of details and events you hadn’t thought about in a long time! Also, we interview you and your partner separately, so when you read your story you have the amazing experience of seeing all the fabulous and romantic things he or she said about you! Our clients tell us that the interview itself is a welcome break from the craze of wedding planning, and they enjoy taking the time to remember all the reasons they fell in love and are getting married.

“The difference between the right word and the nearly right word is the same as that between lightning and the lightning bug.” – Mark Twain.

What’s the process?

First, we schedule a time to interview you and your fiancé(e) by telephone. We interview you separately, and each interview takes about an hour. After the interviews, we write your love story, detailing how you first met, why you fell in love and decided to get married, and what the proposal was like. If you’d like, we also interview some of your friends or family members to get their memories into the story as well! When your story is written, we send it to you for your review, and then we prepare the final draft. Typically, the stories we write are about 1,500 words, which is the length of a typical newspaper article, but we can write shorter or longer stories as needed.

What do we do with our story once it’s written?

There are so many possibilities. Here are a few suggestions!

  • Add your professionally written story to your wedding website.
  • Frame your story and display it in your home! You can get creative with how you design it, or you can order it from us. Click here to learn more about FRAMING YOUR LOVE STORY.
  • Share your story with all your wedding guests! You can incorporate your story into your save-the-dates, invitations, ceremony programs or thank you notes. Or, you can create an extra-special keepsake to distribute to each guest! You can create your own, work with your stationer to add your story to your wedding stationery suite, or you can order your final product from us. Click here to learn about OUR LOVE STORY KEEPSAKES.
  • Work with your photographer to add your story to your wedding photo album, turning it into a Photo & Story Book. Click here to see an example.
  • If you’re ordering wedding magazines from Twenty Pages, you can add your professionally written love story to your magazine.

If they’re coming to our wedding, don’t they already know our love story?

Your friends and family probably know the basics, the broad strokes. But do they really know the delightful little details of your first date? Do they know all about that moment when you knew in your heart that you were in love? Did you tell all of them what was going through your head when you couldn’t figure out why he hadn’t kissed you yet, or what it was like getting ready to meet his family for the first time? We are trained journalists, and when we interview you we will ask you all the right questions to draw out the fun, juicy stories you want to share with your guests! You might even have forgotten some of the details, but through this process you will piece back together the tapestry of your love story from the first meeting through the proposal.

Can you include details of the actual wedding in the story?

Yes! We can have one of our writers attend your wedding and include details of the actual day in your story! Of course, this option doesn’t work if you’re planning to distribute your story at the wedding. However, if you want your story as a keepsake just for yourselves, or to send to your guests in your Love Story Booklet that doubles as your Thank You correspondence after the wedding, then this is a great option! Call us for pricing.

How long before the wedding should we get started?

The more time you can give us, the better. But please give us at least one month. However, we do take rush orders, so don’t hesitate to call us even if you’re getting married next weekend!

How much does it cost?

To have your story written, the price is $400. That price includes interviewing both of you, writing and editing your story (that includes the initial writing and one round of revisions). If all you want us to do is write your story, we will email you the text, and then you’re free to use it however you wish.

If you’d like us to create your keepsakes incorporating your story, then you also pay the printing cost. Call us to discuss your order!

Who takes the photos?

The photos come from you. We suggest you work with a professional photographer to ensure the best quality possible. For best printing quality, each photo needs to be at least 300 dpi. We can explain what that means in more detail when we talk. Le Image offers Prequels couples a $50 discount on Engagement Photo Sessions!

How do I order?

Please email or call us to get started today: contact@prequels.net or 347.741.8225.

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