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Shannon and Dennis got engaged on May 26 in Playa Del Carmen, but she knew she was going to marry him as soon as they started dating in September 2010. “My dad and I were extremely close, and Denny is the only guy that I ever felt was important enough to introduce to him,” Shannon said when she spoke with Prequels today. Her dad passed away earlier this year, and to honor him they’ve scheduled their wedding for March 1, his birthday.

Shannon, 29, and Dennis, 28 both live in Oklahoma City and work in the oil and gas industry.

How did you meet?

I was introduced to him two years ago, through a guy I was dating at the time. We’d both known about each other, but had never met. About two weeks later Dennis asked if I was still dating the other guy. Later Dennis told me he’d had his eye on me all along.

How did much longer did you keep dating the other guy?

Only about a month.

And how did you and Dennis finally connect?

When ran into each other at a local bar, and we sat and talked all night. The rest is history.

When did you realize you wanted to marry him?

I immediately knew I was going to marry him. What solidified it was that my dad had a massive stroke in May last year. We’d been together about eight months at that time. My dad was single and I’m an only child, so everything fell on me. Dennis stood by me the entire time, when a lot of people would have bailed.

How did Dennis propose?

It was at Playa del Carmen, two weeks ago. I could kind of tell he was trying to do something. We arrived on Thursday, and on Friday he said to me, ‘Don’t call me corny, but I found this thing where they can set up dinner for us on the beach, so I signed us up.” But they ended up changing our dinner to Saturday. Then on Saturday we got rained out, so they set up the table in our room.

In the middle of dinner, the power went out. It was hot, and we couldn’t see anything.  The waiters lit candles around the Jacuzzi, and they placed the ring on my plate.



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